100mm DWV Storm Water Bend (Elbow)

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100mm PVC Fitting Bend or 100mm PVC Elbow

Complies with AS/NZ1260

100mm PVC Pipe and fittings are used to connect the houses roof to the water tank normally where the 80mm down pipe cannot be plumbed directly into the water tank. UV Protected for 50 year + life span 

Solvent jointing technology – a process by which a joint is made by chemically fusing together a pipe and a fitting

Available Angles:

  • 5° Female Female
  • 15° Female Female
  • 30° Female Female
  • 45° Female Female
  • 88° Female Female


  • Storm water
  • Sewage and waste water

Underground water tank connections

Tanks can be connected underground we recommend in most cases to use 100mm DWV pipe and fittings for under ground tank installations

When you are installing underground installations it recommended that the inlet of the tank is 300mm Lower than the gutter and plus a 1:50 fall to the tank

If the water tank is:

1m from the house then 0.3m lower 
10m from the house then 0.3m+(1/50*10) = 0.3m+0.2m = 0.5m
20m from the house then 0.3m+(1/50*20) = 0.3m+0.4m = 0.7m
50m from the house then 0.3m+(1/50*50) = 0.3m+1.0m = 1.3m



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