Hansen Reducing Straight Coupling Compression (MD PIPE)-HMDRC


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    Used for connecting Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe (MDPE) 

    Features and Benefits 

    • Manufactured in New Zealand using best quality materials to withstand the harshest weather conditions 
    • Largest Medium Density fitting range made in New Zealand 
    • One piece fitting captive components when fitting assembled correctly 
    • O-Ring is pre_lubricated for easy pipe insertion and reliable leak free connections 
    • UV stabilised high quality virgin polyethylene giving weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance 
    • High pressure rated 
    • Sleek, compact design for easy installation 
    • Easy grip nuts for rapid winding onto pie 
    • Dependable high quality threaded components 
    • Potable (drinking) water approved 
    • WaterMark Certificate of Conformity - Level 1 Evaluated to :AS/NZS 4129:2008 - Fittings for Polyethylene(PE) pipes for pressure applications. 

    The Easy Fit Compression fitting range has been designed specifically for joining Medium Density Polyethylene pipe together. Building on 50 years experience in the manufacturing of pipe fittings and valves,the sleek,precision,compact design uses only the very vest materials to withstand the harshest weather conditions. 
    Hansen Products knows the importance that pipe fittings play in the performance that pipe fittings play in the performance and control of fluid delivery, flow and pressure within a pipe system. 

    Standards &Approvals 

    • WaterMark: 20-110mm Certification No: WMKA21978 
    • AS/NZS 4020 

    Available in a range of sizes 

    Part Number - Metric Size (mm) 
    HMDRC2520 - 25x20 
    HMDRC3220 - 32x20 
    HMDRC3225 - 32x25 
    HMDRC4025 - 40x25 
    HMDRC4032 - 40x32 
    HMDRC5032 - 50x32 
    HMDRC5040 - 50x40 
    HMDRC6332 - 63x32 
    HMDRC6340 - 63x40 
    HMDRC6350 - 63x50 
    HMDRC7563 - 75x63 
    HMDRC9063 - 90x63 
    HMDRC9075 - 90x75 
    HMDRC11075 - 110x75 
    HMDRC11090 - 110x90 

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