Hansen Reducing Tee Connector Coupling Compression (MD PIPE) - HMDRT


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    Used for Connecting Medium Density Polyethylene Pipe (MDPE) 

    Features and Benefits 

    • Manufactured in New Zealand using best quality materials to withstand the harshest weather conditions 
    • Largest Medium Density fitting range made in New Zealand 
    • One piece fitting captive components when fitting assembled correctly 
    • O-Ring is pre_lubricated for easy pipe insertion and reliable leak free connections 
    • UV stabilised high quality virgin polyethylene giving weather, termite, fungi and bacterial resistance 
    • High pressure rated 
    • Sleek, compact design for easy installation 
    • Easy grip nuts for rapid winding onto pie 
    • Dependable high quality threaded components 
    • Potable (drinking) water approved 
    • WaterMark Certificate of Conformity - Level 1 Evaluated to :AS/NZS 4129:2008 - Fittings for Polyethylene(PE) pipes for pressure applications. Certificate No: WMKA21978 

    Standards &Approvals 

    • WaterMark: 20-110mm Certification No: WMKA21978 
    • AS/NZS 4020 

    Available in a range of sizes 

    Part Number - Metric Size (mm) 
    HMDRT2520 - 25x25x20 
    HMDRT3220 - 32x32x20 
    HMDRT3225 - 32x32x25 
    HMDRT4032 - 40x40x32 
    HMDRT5032 - 50x50x32 
    HMDRT5040 - 50x50x40 
    HMDRT6350 - 63x63x50 
    HMDRT7563 - 75x75x63 
    HMDRT9075 - 90x90x75 
    HMDRT11063 - 110x110x63 
    HMDRT11090 - 110x110x90