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Pressure never felt so good!

DynaDrive is Davey's latest all-in-one home pressure system to solve water pressure issues. As a constant pressure pump, the variable speed drive maintains water pressure at a fixed point regardless of an increase or decrease in water demand for your household.

The number of taps being used in your home doesn't impact your water pressure or flow, with DynaDrive's constant pressure, you can keep pressure constant and steady. As taps are turned off, the drive adjusts automatically, keeping the pressure constant while saving energy.

  • DynaDrive features an integrated controller that is easy to set up and use. It allows you to set your desired water pressure while also being energy efficient. By reducing the pressure on your system when it's not needed, DynaDrive reduces the energy consumed, saving you money.

    DynaDrive has been certified and tested to comply with the requirements of the AS/NZS 4020 standard. The AS/NZS 4020 standard stipulates that products in contact with drinking water do not affect the taste or appearance of the water, do not support the growth of micro-organisms and do not release cytotoxic or mutagenic compounds or metals into the water.

    With DynaDrive you can expect:

    • Consistent pressure when another tap is turned on
    • Smooth and quiet flow
    • Reduction in water hammer
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Quiet pump operation

    Davey DynaDrive is a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump with all hydraulic parts in stainless-steel - suitable for high water temperatures, corrosion and wear resistant, compact design and easy to install.

    Models in the range include:

    • DD60-10 - max. flow up to 85 lpm
    • DD90-11 - max. flow up to 125 lpm
    • Stainless-steel impellers with high efficiency impeller profile and thick self-centring impeller neck rings for:
      • High efficiency
      • Reduced power consumption
      • Low noise output
    • Air purging valve and stage porting:
      • Easier priming
      • Less susceptible to air leaks
      • Improved dependability
    • Impellers mounted directly on extended motor shaft:
      • Maximise performance per stage
      • High efficiency
      • Long motor and pump life
      • Increased wear resistance
    • Pump casing assembly attached to motor bracket at 8 points with o-ring seal:
      • Complete stainless casing
      • Better sealing
      • Longer service life
    • Davey built, totally enclosed fan cooled (TFEC) electric motor:
      • Sealed and greased for life motor bearings
      • Oversized drive bearing
      • Longer life
      • Easy service
      • Economical and quiet running

    Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

  • Operating Limits

    Models DD60-10(CE) DD90-11 (CE)
    Max. flow rate @ 300kPa 60L/min 92L/min
    Max. flow rate @ 400kPa 48L/min 72L/min
    Max. flow rate @ 500kPa 32L/min 35L/min
    Max. casing pressure 1,000kPa
    Max. set pressure 600kPa
    Min. cut-in pressure 10kPa (gauge pressure)
    Default cut-in pressure 50kPa less than set pressure
    Max. cut-in pressure 20kPa less than set pressure
    Operating water temp range 0 ? 80°C
    Operating ambient/ air temp range 0 ? 50°C
    Nature of fluids Clean, clear, non-corrosive, non-flammable liquids with no fibers and
    little sand/silica or abrasives (maximum concentration 40g/m3 )
    Applicable approvals UNE-EN 55014-1:2017;
    UNE-EN 61000-3-2:2014;
    UNE-EN 61000-3-3:2013;
    UNE-EN 55014-2:2015;
    IEC 60335-2-41;
    IEC 60335-1 + A1:2013 + A2:2016;
    AS/NZS 60335.2.41:2013;
    ASNZS 60335.1:2011+ A1:2012 + A2:2014 + A3:2015 + A4:2017;

    Materials of Constrution

    Part Material
    Casing 304 stainless steel
    Impellers 304 stainless steel
    Stages (casing) 304 stainless steel
    Pump shaft 316 stainless steel
    Stage centring device 304 stainless steel
    Mechanical seal Carbon/ceramic
    O-rings EPDM
    Plugs 316 stainless steel
    Motor shell and lantern bracket Aluminium with baked polyester powder coat finish
    Motor feet Xenoy
    Fan cowl/rear foot (DD60-08, DD60-10, DD90-11) Polypropylene
    Adaptor VSD Polypropylene
    5-way tee piece 304 stainless steel
    Pump coupling to 5-way tee piece Brass

    Electrical Data

    Models DD60-10(CE) DD90-11 (CE)
    Voltage 220 - 240V ~
    Max motor speed 2,900rpm
    Frequency (incoming power) 50 - 60Hz
    Input power P1 1.1kW 1.3kW
    Output power P2 0.8kW 0.9kW
    Running current
    Insulation class F
    IP rating 55
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