60,000-litre Plastic Water Tank

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Big Water Tanks Limited manufactures and sells high quality, potable water, Plastic Water Tanks in Auckland New Zealand. We are proud of the fact that we produce the heaviest tank with the simplest and strongest design - our 30,000-litre water tank has a simple, strong dome that is self-supporting. We also use the largest "standard" shot weight of plastic, which makes our wall thickness the greatest.

Our tanks are manufactured on a custom-built, rotational moulding machine with internal temperature logging and a set point for cooking a perfect plastic water tank every time.

*Please note: due to a backlog in manufacturing, we are experiencing 10-12 Weeks lead time in delivery of the 30 000 litre tanks

2 x 30,000-litre Plastic Water Tank (13,200 Gallons)

    • We offer a full 20-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty (not pro-rata).
    • Our super-tough dome design is the largest on the New Zealand market. The dome has the smallest radius, which gives it engineered support.
    • We have the heaviest standard plastic water tank on the market; at 500kg each this is in direct relation to wall thickness and product quality & strength.
    • The tank is available in a range of colours and is designed for potable drinking water.
      • Please contact us should you wish to use these 30,000-litre water tanks for any other use.
    • Outlet Size: 50mm BSP
    • Manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand. 

    Tank Standards

    • Raw Material
      • Type: Medium Density Polyethylene
      • Standard: AS/NZS 2070 - Food Contact Requirements
    • AS/NZS 4020:2005 - Potable Drinking Water
    • AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water
    • Manhole access with removable

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