30,000-litre Plastic Water Tank Ultimate Combo - Pump & UV Filter

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30,000-litre Plastic Water Tank Combo Kit (6,600 Gallons)

Big Water Tanks Limited manufactures and sells these 30,000-litre Plastic Water Tanks here in Auckland New Zealand. Get everything you need in one go - Plastic Water Tank, Pump, UV Filtration, Tank Flexible Connection Kit.

We are proud of our 30,000-litre water tank, which has a simple, strong dome that is self-supporting. We also use the largest "standard" shot weight of plastic, which makes our wall thickness the greatest. Our tanks are manufactured on a custom-built, rotational moulding machine with internal temperature logging and a set point for cooking a perfect plastic water tank every time.

Tank Dimensions

  • Diameter: 3.78m
  • Height: 3.1m
  • Weight: 500kg

Included in this Combo Special

  • 30,000-litre Water Tank
  • Hose Connection Kit
    • 2m 32mm Hose
    • 50-32mm Reducing Bush
    • 32mm Brass Ball Valve with Y Strainer
    • 90° 32mm Hose Fitting
    • Straight 32mm Hose Fitting
  • Trevoli Pump - CM4-60E Stainless Steel Water Pump
  • Small UV Filter - 
  • Excluded - the fittings and pipes to connect the pump to the UV fitting and to connect the hose connection kit to the pump

Tank Description

  • We offer a full 20-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty (not pro-rata).
  • Our super-tough dome design is the largest on the New Zealand market. The dome has the smallest radius, which gives it engineered support.
  • We have the heaviest standard plastic water tank on the market; at 500kg this is in direct relation to wall thickness and product quality & strength.
  • The tank is available in a range of colours and is designed for potable drinking water.
    • Please contact us should you wish to use this 30,000-litre water tank for any other use.
  • Outlet Size: 50mm BSP
  • Manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tank Standards

  • Raw Material
    • Type: Medium Density Polyethylene
    • Standard: AS/NZS 2070 - Food Contact Requirements
  • AS/NZS 4020:2005 - Potable Drinking Water
  • AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Water
  • Manhole access with removable lid

Installation Instruction and Warranty

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need any further information.

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