1100 litre Plastic Water Tank

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Big Water Tanks manufactures and sells high quality, potable water, Plastic Water Tanks. Our range includes some of the heaviest tanks on the market and we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying superior products. This 1,100-litre water tank is a great looking, extremely tough and robust plastic tank.

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1,100-litre Plastic Water Tank (291 Gallons)

      • A heavy-duty tank with a strong, conical roof design that has 450mm vented lid access.
      • This 33kg small tank is strongly built and is tough enough to withstand the test of time.
      • The tank is available in a range of colours and is designed for potable drinking water.
      • Outlet size: 25 mm BSP
      • Tie down eyelets on this tank makes it easy to install and secure in-place.
      • Fully formulated long term UV stabilization rated at UV20 providing superior UV protection.
      • Quick inspection via 450 mm diameter lid
      • Ideal tank to use in small spaces. Compact harvesting and storage of rainwater
      • Tanks can also be added to for easy expansion for future requirements
        • Please contact us should you wish to use this 1,100-litre water tank for any other use.

    Tank Standards

    • Raw Material
      • Type: Medium Density Polyethylene
      • Standard: AS/NZS 2070 - Food Contact Requirements
    • AS/NZS 4020:2005 - Potable Drinking Water