Alkathene Pipe


Alkathene Pipe

Iplex Alkathene™ is manufactured from a low density polyethylene material, which improves the pipes performance characteristics. Iplex Alkathene™ is suitable for on farm day to day water reticulation needs. Benefits include:

Higher pressure rating than traditional LDPE of the same size
Offers resistance to bloat remedies
Good flexibility
Offers resistance to weathering

Not all Items are held in stock, please call to confirm current stock, most are available within a couple of days but some lengths may take a bit longer

Alkathene Product size specifications:

Size - Nominal Bore (mm) Nominal OD (mm) Mean ID (mm) Pressure Rating (Bar)
15 17.1 12.8 9.7
20 25.2 19.0 9.0
25 31.5 25.3 8
32 37.8 31.1 7
40 44.2 37.5 6
50 56.9 50 5