DWV Pipe


DWV Pipe 

  • DWV pipes 5.8m to 6m with socket end
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 1260
  • Pipes suitable for drain waste and vents, or sewer drains.

Lengths Change depending upon our shipment and availability

Dimensions of Pipe and our current (October 2021) Stock lengths are:

Socket OD Available Length
100mm DWV Pipe 103.8mm
110mm 125mm 6m
800mm DWV Pipe 76.7mm
82mm 88.3mm 6m
65mm DWV Pipe 63.5mm
69mm 74.3mm 5.8m
50mm DWV Pipe 51.4mm
56mm 60.2mm 6m
40mm DWV Pipe 38.9mm
43mm 47mm 6m
32mm DWV Pipe 32.5mm
36mm 40.1mm 5.8m

Please note these dimensions have some standard tolerances


Collection only - Please call for a delivery quote in some Auckland areas