PVC Pressure - Tees

Straight Through Size
Bottom of T size

PVC Pressure - Tee

PVC pressure Tee or Tees are also commonly known as PVC pressure Junctions and are used to connect 3 PVC pressure pipes together, two in a straight line and one at 90 degrees, the PVC pipe is inserted into each of the ends of the tee with PVC pressure solvent

The Straight through sizes are always the larger of the size options with the 90 degree connection, either the same size or smaller

PVC Pressure Pipe Tees are available in - 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm or 50mm

PVC Water Supply and pressure pipe applications:

  • Water Supply
  • Irrigation
  • PN12 Rating
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • PVC-U suitable for potable (drinking) water

  • Approvals:

    Manufactured and approved to: AS/NZS 1477
    WaterMark Approval: WMKA25603