TankMate Online Water Tank Level Indicator

  • $399.00
Tax included.

Big Water Tanks Ltd is a distributor of the new Tankmate water tank level indicator, the system has been developed here in New Zealand and is designed to tell you how much water is in your water tank with out having to open the water tank lid.


You can get notifications if the tank is:

  • You can set a low level warning either by days or volume
  • Had a large reduction in a day 
  • Low battery alert


  • See how many litres is in your water tank/s
  • See the percentage volume of water in your tanks
  • See how long your current water supply will last based on your estimated usage
  • See weekly, fortnightly or monthly graphs of your your usage vs rainfall
  • See local rainfall indications from online weather


Cloud Technology:

  • Available on your smart phone google or apple
  • or on the internet from anywhere in the world
  • There is an ongoing service fee of $19.90/year for the cloud server this is with tankmate.co.nz

Free Download:

Download on Google PlayDownload on app store

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