6 Steps to Clean Tank Water & Cleaner Water Tanks

Water Tank Care

Caring for the water in your water tanks is very important and my personal preference is not to use chemicals to clean the water. The water from our skies is already clean so you just need to keep the tank well-maintained. 

Gutter Foam

What steps can you take to have clean water:

1. Gutter Protection

Protect your gutter with a protective product like gutter foam. This will keep most of the leaves out of your plastic water tank.

Have a look at the range of Gutter Foam Products on our website.

Leaf Eater Water Tank Protection

2. Install a Leaf Eater

Protect your tank from further contaminants by installing a Leaf Eater for greater protection of your plastic water tank.

First Flush Diverter - Water Tank care

3. Install a First Flush Diverter

Installing a First Flush Diverter is an awesome way of keeping your tank water fresh as it removes some of the small contaminants from the roof such as bird droppings, dust, poisons from aerial spraying, etc. It does use water to clean the roof so be aware that you should add this quantity to your calculations for water requirements.

Tank Vacuum System

4. Tank Vacuum Systems

Tank Vacuum Systems remove the sediment from the bottom of a tank by drawing the overflow water from the bottom of the plastic water tank.

Water Filters

5. Water Filtration

Tank filters are positioned after the pump for water going into the house. These filters remove fine particles from the water. Normally, you would install a two filter system - a 20-micron and a 1-micron filter. We sell these as part of our UV Filtration Systems on our website.

Additional Carbon filters, which can be installed at the kitchen sink to the drinking water tap as well as to your fridge drinking water, make your tank's water is as fresh and clean as can be.

UV Light - Tank Water

6. Water Sterilisation with UV Light

Passing your water through UV sterilisation light will kill most of the unwanted bacteria inside the water. This helps to create a safe, e-coli-free water source that the whole family can enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed our 6 steps to Clean Tank Water. I will be adding more information shortly about each component so please bookmark this page and share it with your friends.