Big Water Tanks

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At Big Water Tanks Limited, we manufacture and Sell 300 litre to 30,000 litre water tanks, we have manufactured all our tanks tough and strong to achieve nz best standards

All our Water tanks have very high plastic shot weights are moulded as one piece, they wont rust, rot and have a very high quality UV protection built into the polyethylene plastic

  • Large, 1-piece tank moulding with no joins or seams
  • Heavy tank wall thickness with a 500kg shot weight for our 30,000l tank
  • Our 30,000 litre tank has the largest self supporting dome on the market and our smaller tanks have built in strength ribs that make all our tanks extremely strong

Why Buy a Big Water Tanks Water Tank?

  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
    • You can buy directly from most plastic water tank manufacturers they all have distributors, double margins, and freight included
    • We have the highest material cost price on our standard 30,000l plastic water tank as we have the heaviest product weight (ironically the most expensive 30,000l plastic water tank on the market is the lightest tank or has the least plastic material)
  • No Re sellers
    • We offer you a re seller rate, we happy with our margin (similar to that of our competitors when they sell through distribution channels)
    • While we have established a mutual agreement with Plastic Systems that manufacture some of our product range, we have both kept our pricing the same and benefit from having to spaces to distribute from
  • Delivery
    • Our local deliveries are cheaper why should locals (Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, etc...) pay for water tanks delivered to wellington (from Auckland)
    • We can deliver in Auckland in a few hours, while a wellington delivery is 2 days with accommodation etc...
  • Installation
    • Big water tanks currently offers an installation service in some areas of Auckland, if you would like a free obligation free quote, please feel free to contact us
Capacity Diameter Height Mass Price
(litre) (m) (m) (kg) (NZD)
The 60,000 litre option consists of 2 x 30,000 litre tanks
60,000 3.8 3.1 500 $6,295
30,000 3.8 3.1 500 $3,295
10,000 2.4 2.8 250 $1,850
7,500 1.9 3.0 175 $1,595
5,000 1.9 2.1 140 $1,195
3,500 1.9 1.7 100 $995
1,500 1.1 2.0 54 $650
1,000 1.1 1.4 32 $550
600 0.74 1.6 25 $450
500 1.1 0.8 22 $400
300 0.74 1.0 15 $350