Big Water Tanks Limited proudly manufactures & supplies plastic water tanks from 300 to 30,000 litres.

Our plastic water tanks are strong, heavy-duty and reliable. We manufacture our tanks with the heaviest shot weights and the most plastic to give the strongest wall thickness. Our big water tank can be buried up to 700mm in the ground and retain its full 20 year warranty.

We also supply ancillary components to our water tanks including:

Get almost everything you need for your water tank installation right here with us.

We offer free technical advice and information on water requirements and usages.

Please contact Big Water Tanks for more information on your new water tank, pump, filter, etc.

Our strong water tanks can be used on the farm, for a dairy milking shed, a lifestyle block, for residential water tank collection, industrial roof water collection as well as many more applications.

Water Tank Video

Unloading a 30,000-litre Water Tank

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