Big Water Tanks - Water Tank Finance

Financing with Gilrose Finance

Big Water Tanks is an approved Gilrose Finance Retailer. They offer various financing options for our water tanks and accessories, which are subject to their terms and conditions.

Current Terms

  • Min 10% Deposit payable
  • All contracts subject to approval by Gilrose Finance

Gilrose Finance Fees

  • An Establishment Fee of $125.00
  • A Credit Check Fee of up to $10.00 (per individual depending on the Reporting Agency)
  • PPSR Fee of $10.00 (Over $5000.00 cash price)
  • Monthly Account Fee of $3.15
  • Interest Rate after any interest free periods is 17.5%
  • Please Note that these figures are indicative only and are subject to change. All pricing will be confirmed in your final contract.

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