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Rubber Tank Fittings

Rubber tank fitting are the best way to connect your tank to PVC pipes, they are available in a range of sizes and with a little bit of lubricant are easy to install. They are also called Wallace seal or uniseal


Drill hole (sizes below) into tank and place seal in hole, with some lubricant and a nicely cut piece of pvc that is de-burred puch it into the fitting. Job Done...

Available Sizes:

  • 32mm DWV Drainage Pipe
  • 40mm DWV Drainage Pipe 
  • 50mm DWV Drainage Pipe
  • 65mm DWV Drainage Pipe
  • 80mm DWV Drainage Pipe
  • 100mm DWV Drainage Pipe
  • 150mm DWV Drainage Pipe

Tank Seal Drill Size: 

Tank Seal Size Hole Saw Size 32mm DWV 44mm 40mm DWV 52mm 50mm DWV 65mm 65mm DWV 76mm 80mm DWV 89mm 100mm DWV 127mm 150mm DWV 168mm