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Big Water Tanks manufactures and sells high quality, potable water, Plastic Water Tanks. Our range includes some of the heaviest tanks on the market and we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying superior products. This 10,000 litre water tank is a great looking, extremely tough and robust plastic tank.

*Please note: We have these in stock at the moment, please ring us for stock colors and delivery time.

10000 litre Plastic Water Tank

  • A heavy-duty tank with a very strong dome roof design that has screw-lid access.
  • This tank weight at 225kg and has one of the highest 10000 litre water tank shot weights on the market. It is built tough to withstand the test of time.
  • The tank is available in a range of colours and is designed for potable drinking water.
  • Outlet size: 50mm BSP
  • Tie down eyelets on this tank makes it easy to install and secure in-place.
  • Fully formulated long term UV stabilization rated at UV20 providing superior UV protection.
  • Screw manhole access with removable lid
  • Please contact us should you wish to use this 10000 litre water tank for any other use.

Tank Specifications:

Diameter 2.25 m (2,250mm)
Height 2.9 m (2,900mm)
Weight 225 kg
Volume 10,000 litres
Outlet 50mm BSP
UV Rating UV20
Material AS/NZS 4766:2020
Medium Density Polyethylene

Australian food contact requirements (AS/NZS:2070)
Potable (drinking) water standard (AS4020:2005)


  • Dark Grey 10000l Water Tanks
  • Mist Green 10000l Water Tank
  • Beige 10000l Water Tanks being Deleivered

More Information:

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need any further information.


We have a full range of Accessories to add to your water tank(s) including:  

Why Choose Big Water Tanks?

Big Water Tanks 300l - 10,000l plastic water tanks are heavy duty and built to last. If you compare them to other products you'll see the difference in weight and thickness, this makes them renowned for their strength and quality. The tanks are supplied with tie down eyelets to make them easy to install and secure once in place.

Tank Top

Proven Dome design on the top prevents the possibility of sagging.

The turreted manhole is situated on the edge of the tank to allow for easy inspection, cleaning and installation of inlets and ball valves if required.

Plastic Material

Our Plastic is manufactured here in New Zealand to an incredibly high NZ AUS Standard and is suitable for potable water

Our plastic resin has been specifically designed as a large tank grade material with the best UV Stabilization available

The plastic resin complies with Australian food contact requirements (AS2070:1,8) and potable drinking) water standard AS4020

No Corrugations

Our tanks have no corrugations or indentations, the reason for this is strength.

We Believe that the corrugations create a weaker tank because they allow for more movement like an accordion in a vertical direction creating small stresses at each corrugation

In the process of rotational moulding corrugations are thinner on the convex curves and thicker on the concave creating an uneven wall thickness through the tank,

The larger surface area of a corrugated tank means that with the same amount of plastic the effective wall thickness is reduced

How does Delivery work?


Please use the checkout procedure for estimates on freight, we reserve the right to cancel an order if freight is incorrectly calculated by our website, our site cannot calculate some rural areas or island deliveries, we will contact you if there is an issue with a freight costing to your location.

We Deliver Water Tanks throughout the North of North Island, Our rates are based on distance, that makes us a bit more expensive fo"far away" deliveries we can arrange freight to most islands, please call us or contact us with your address and details we can confirm the price for the delivery

Delivery Process

Our Delivery prices are subject to our approval and are to the "gate", however we will normally assist putting the tank into its final location if it is safe for us to do so and our vehicles can make the trip, sometimes a digger or crane is required in hard to reach locations

Please notify us of any known obstacles, low bridges low power lines or narrow roads... en route to your property we can decide how to accommodate your delivery before we leave.

Tanks are Pushed off the drivers side of the trailer and land on the base of the tank in a safe location, the tank can be pushed, dragged or lifted into the final installation location.

How do we Install a Water tank?

Buried Tanks

A buried tank needs careful consideration and every situation is a little different, while our tanks are strong enough to be buried up to 500 mm we recommend that you give us a call to discuss your specific situation (Note: Tanks Smaller than 1,000l may NOT be buried).

Tanks like swimming pools can pop up out of the ground if there is no water in them, if a tap in the house is left on in the middle of winter when the ground is very damp, if the tank empties the buoyancy is huge it will lift out the ground and will break connection pipes and mean the tank would need to be reinstalled...

As a simple guide you cannot bury a tank deeper than the lowest part of your section or natural drainage with a 1:100 fall. So if you have a flat site or section with no falls or that is very flat, burying the tank is not recommended or covered by our warranty in the event of uplift.

Download our Instructions

Download a PDF of our installation instructions

How Much Water Storage is needed?

Lets keep this simp"ish" because there are a large number of factors that increase or decrease water usage....

An average house is 200m² with an average rainfall of 1200mm that is 240,000 L rainfall a year

If you collect all your water (none overflows) that the following per person per year:

  • 1 Person 657L
  • 2 Persons 328L
  • 3 Persons 219L
  • 4 Persons 164L
  • 5 Persons 131L

The New Zealand water usage average is about 200L per person per day (this is an average not conservative country living...)

In Summer months the average north island water fall is as low as 72mm / month, this can be as low as 10-20mm per month in bad months...

Our small Water tank range can store up to 10,000L of water this with a minimum rainfall of 30mm for 3 months on a 150m² roof is:

5,000L if full + 30 x 3 x 150 = 18,500L for 90 days of bad weather

    • 1 person 205L
    • 2 Persons 102L
    • 3 Persons 68L
    • 4 Persons 51L
    • 5 Persons 41L

10,000L if full + 30 x 3 x 150 = 23,500L for 90 days of bad weather

      • 1 person 260L
      • 2 Persons 130L
      • 3 Persons 87L
      • 4 Persons 65L
      • 5 Persons 52L

As a basic rule 1 10,000L tank for up to 1 person and 2 10,000L tanks for 2 people

Give us a call, drop us an email or message us on the below links we can assist you with your calculations based on your area and roof.

Customer Reviews

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I'm not connected to to my water yet. However the tank arrived promptly. The colour was much as I anticipated. It is often hard to tell from an online photo. I called and asked some questions prior to ordering and got very helpful assistance with completing my order. I recommend Big Water Tanks for efficiency, friendliness and price.

a great thanks

Thanks guys
It’s finally installed and a great thanks to your driver nothing was a problem to him we got it over the neighbours fence no damage to anything. So once again thank you for your help and service
Cheers Tony

Amazing service and would use again

Thank you very much to the team for the easy purchase of a water tank. Quick communication, easy to deal with and very accommodating. We needed to bring the delivery date forward and they were quick to respond and change. The guy that delivered was also amazing. He recommended tying the tank down when I met him on site as it was windy. He waited while I shot home and grabbed some tie downs then secured it for me. Amazing service and would use again. Thank you!


Team Farming
Tanks looks good

The delivery guy did a great job

Cool dude

Tanks look good


What a brilliant company to deal with. From my first phone call to Sharon, right through to the tank delivery by Glen.....just excellent. Great communication, super quick delivery. I would highly recommend BIG WATER TANKS..
Thank you so very much to all staff and the owners. Fantastic product and service.