Big Water Tanks - Gutter Foam Box

Box Gutter Foam

Gutter Foam is a very safe, simple and cost effective solution to managing leaves and debris entering your water tank, it has been developed for New Zealand conditions by Gutter foam and we are a Gutter foam distributor here in New Zealand, we can deliver it with your new water tank or we can just courier it to your address if required.

Gutter Foam is an open cell polyurethane foam filter insert that prevents leaves & tree debris from entering your gutters.

It stops blockages and allows rainwater from the roof to pass unrestricted through the gutter system.

Box Gutter Foam

  • How Much Gutter Foam do you need?


    Calculate how many meters you need, don't forget to measure the roof-line as its a little bigger than building and give yourself a little extra for cutting.

    Gutter foam, gutter protection, is sold in 1m Pieces