Hansen - Bracket Elbow and Reducing - HBE

Hansen Code

Hansen Bracket Elbow and Reducing Details

Hansen Bracket Elbow and Reducing are used for Connecting Taps to low density Polyethylene Pipe (LDPE) and Enduroflex. Can also be used to connect taps to flexible pipe and hose

Hansen Poly Connector Product Specifications:

Trusted by Kiwi Farmers for over 60 Years 
Suitable for use above or below ground in varying operating pressures and temperatures 
Strong, Lightweight and Compact 
Available in a variety of thread combinations and connections 
New Zealand Made 
Simple to use one piece fitting - No components to lose, rust or corrode 
Fast and easy assembly - Push the Pipe onto the fitting and wind the nut 
No O-Ring 
No Crimping 
No Solvent 
Nut and barb provide superior double strength grip - when fitted correctly the fitting will not l off the pipe 
Manufactured from UV Stabilised High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon givng weather, termite, fungi and bacteria resistance 
Material approved for use with Potable (drinking) water 
Fittings demonstrate excellent hydraulic flow characteristics 

Hansen Easy Fit Poly Fittings Approvals 

AS/NZS 4020 - Australai and New Zealand drinking water test standard 
Fire Rated UL94HB 

Available in a range of sizes 

Hansen Bracket Elbow Sizes:

Part Number - Metric Size - Imperial Size 
HBE15 15mm x 15mm 1"
HBE20 20mm x 20mm 3/4" x 3/4"

Hansen Reducing Bracket Elbow Sizes:

Part Number - Metric Size - Imperial Size 
HEB1520 15mm x 20mm 1/2' X 3"
HBE 2015 20mm x 15mm 3/4" x 1/2"