Hansen Float Valve Adapters

Inlet Size

Hansen Float Adapters - complete with o-ring seal to valve

Long Adapters are to be used through a tank or water trough skin, they have rubber washers and seal against the tank or trough

Short Adapters are for connection to a threaded fitting

Used for:

  • Mini Fast-Flo Valve - Compact trough or tank Valve
  • Fast-Flo ValveCompact trough or tank Valve
  • Super-Flo Valve (Brass or Plastic) - Trough Valve
  • Max-Flo Valve - trough or tank Valve
  • Leveller Valve - High Performance Reservoir / Tank Valve
  • Rapid-Flo Valve - High Performance Rain Relief Tank Valve
  • Slo-Flo Valve - Restricted Performance Rain Relief Tank Valve