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    The Hansen Max Flo Diaphragm Valve has been designed with multiple thread and connection combinations to increase overall durability and versatility. The Patent pending "self Cleaning Pilot" ensures the valves are durable and suitable for dirty water applications. Less operation pressure is required, reducing pumping costs and increasing flow. Mini body tested design allows for easy installation across a wide range of applications and our 30 year tested performance slow open and close Diaphragm ensures no undue stress is placed on pump lines or pumps.

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    Code - Description - Adaptors

    HMFDV2520 - Max-flo 25/20 - Standard Male 20mm, 25mm & 32mm
    HMFDV2520L - Max-flo 25/20 Long Long Tail Male 20mm & 25mm
    HMFDV3225L - Max-flo 32/25 Long Long Tail Male 25mm & 32mm


    Inch Conversion
    15mm = 1/2"
    20mm = 3/4"
    25mm = 1"


     Features and Benefits

    • High Performance, Cost Effective Trough/Tank Valve (29 psi, 570 l/min)
    • Suitable for Side, Bottom and Top entry
    • Strong Compact Design
    • Delivers high volumes of water quickly with unrestricted full flow
    • Patent pending* “Self Cleaning Pilot” for use in clean/dirty water
    • Low operating pressure required reducing pumping costs and increasing flow
    • Manufactured from strong, non corrosive UV stabilised materials
    • Mini body design to enable easy installation
    • Available in Female and Male BSPT, NPT and ACME thread configurations
    • Suitable for High/Low Pressure operations - from 0.2 Bar to 12 Bar
    • Variable open and close action preventing valve bounce and water hammer

      Technical Information:

    • Installation Guide:

      Trough Installation

      • Flush pipe lines into water tank or troughs before installing Max-Flo Valve into new system
      • Isolate the water going to replace valve in existing scheme
      • Thread O-Ring end of correct size male adapter into valve body and tighten firmly enough that the O-Ring creates a seal against the face. Do not over tighten.

            Top Entry Trough

        • Thread Max Flo Valve into existing trough fitting
        • Determine the on/off point and water level required
        • Use supplied Adjustable Extension Arm when a larger air gap/lower water level is required
        • Adjust the float and arms to suit required angle

        Bottom or Side entry Trough

        • Thread Max Flo Valve into existing trough fitting
        • Thread cord through the float, adjust cord to required on/off level then tie off

        Tank Installation:

        • Install tank fitting into water tank
        • Flush lines into water tank before installing Max Flo Valve into system
        • Thread O-Ring end of correct size male adaptor into valve body and tighten firmly enough that the O-Ring creates a seal against the face. Do not over tighten.
        • Thread Max Flo Valve into Tank Fitting inside tank
        • Thread cord through the float, adjust cord to required on/off level then tie off.


      • F.A.Q.

        Q - Can I use the Hansen Max Flo Valve as a top entry valve with an air gap?

        A - Yes, the Hansen Max Flo Valve can be installed at the top , side bottom entry as all components come with each valve. 

        Q - My troughs have both 20mm & 25mm threaded inlets, does your Hansen Max Flo Valve come in both sizes?
        A - Yes each Hansen Max Flo  Valve comes with the required components to install in 20mm or 25mm threaded inlets. This of course means you only have to buy one valve for all sized inlets.

        Q - Will the higher flow cost me more to run my pump?
        A - No, because the Hansen Max Flo Valve is more efficient than what you are used to. The reduced operating pressure required will equate to higher flows at lower pressures at your pump which in turn will reduce pumping time and cost.

        Q - At present I get valve bounce in my troughs, will the Hansen Max Flo valve stop this?
        A -  Yes, valve bounce is created from high flows at high pressures, the Hansen Max Flo Valve opens and closes slower than other valves so will reduce incidences of problem.

        Q - I have problems with having to forever clean my valves as my water supply can get dirty at times, how will the Hansen Super Flo Valve handle these conditions?
        A - Our patent pending “Self Cleaning Pilot” will increase durability and suitability in dirty water situations.

        Q- At present I have noticed some shuddering & noise in my pipelines when my pump starts & stops, will your valve stop this?
        A - Yes this is called water hammer, we have designed the Hansen Max Flo Valve to open & close slower than other valves effectively varying the flows at these times to minimise the chance of water hammer.

        Q - What pressure can I run my Hansen Max Flo Valve at?
        A - The Hansen Max Flo Valve will operate from 0.2bar