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We Supply a range Filter Housings:

    Big Water tanks, Jumbo Water Filter Housings, are strong, tough and built for a long lasting application. Our filter housings have moulded in brass 25mm BSP threads for connecting to your water supply reliably.

    We have a range of filter configurations from a single 10" filer housing to a triple 20" filter housing.

    4.5" x 10" or 4.5" x 20" Jumbo Filters:

    • Filters Uses and Applications:

      Water Tank Filtration:

      For a standard only roof collection water tank installation we normally recommend using a two stage (stage 1 and 2 below)filter system, this removes all the larger and then smaller particles from the water followed by a Ultra Violet treatment, if you are topping up from a council supply (chlorine) or have an odour rich water supply then add a Carbon Filter (stage 3 below)

      Town Water Filtration:

      For Town Water a single carbon filter (stage 3 below) or a 2 stage system (stage 2 and 3 below) is recommended, this removes most of the chlorine and chemicals added to the water, an Ultra Violet Treatment system is not essential as the living organisms in the water should be eradicated by the chlorine and council chemicals. However if you are storing water onsite then look at the water tank filtration above.

      Stage 1: 20 Micron Pleated - This removes larger particles larger than 20 micron from your water supply, taking out larger items like leaves and physical debris. 

      More info on these Cartridges:

      Stage 2: 1 Micron Poly spun Filter - This removes smaller particles up to 1 micron in size, taking out very small particles in the water even parasites like Giardia (opens in new window)

      More info on these cartridges:

      While we normally recommend a 1 micron Filter, in some rural applications it is necessary to revert to a 5 micron filter esp where high deposits of silt are coming out from a bore, there information is on the same 1 micron filter page above (just select the 5 micron option), We would recommend installing a 1 micron Filter and if you are finding a significant water pressure  drop before 6 months, replace the filter with a 5 micron option.

      Stage 3: Carbon Filters are ideal at removing odours taste and chlorine from your water supply, we have options of solid block carbon filters and granular activated carbon filters. They are similar in design however the block carbon filter (CTO) can reduce water flow but produce a better result and granular carbon filters (GAC) can allow better flow rates however water to channel to a degree making them slightly less effective. 

      10" Filters or 20" Filters:

      This is a bit of a debate however when we make recommendations relating to Filter Sizes 10 inch or 20 inch we recommend that it depends on usage. We believe that replacing your water filter cartridge more regularly is better to keep water clean and bacteria free, but within reason. A guide to water filter replacement is every 6 months, if you have a large house (i.e. 3+ bathroom and washing machine, dishwasher and...) then go for the 20" filters if you have a small house or bach (i.e. 1 bathroom etc) then 10" filters are plenty. The standard 2 bathroom house, depends on how much water you use, if you are not very conservative, don't want to loose pressure, have a larger family then go for the 20" filters, if you live in a mid sized house with fewer people of very conservative then 10" filters.