UV Steriliser and Spares


UV (Ultra Violet) Sterilization an important part of Water Purification. It is recommended to always filter and UV sterilize your water tanks water to remove impurities from your water. Must be installed by a registered plumber.

Improves the Quality of Drinking Water

We offer advanced Ultraviolet technology that is the most effective disinfectant solution to drinking water, that helps to reduce Bacteria, Virus and Germs;

  • E. Coli treatment
  • coliform
  • Giardia
  • Salmonella

Chemical Free Water Treatment

Use our UV treatment to remove the bugs and bacteria instead of adding chemicals to your water tank or water supply, a great alternative to chlorine

Service and Maintenance

This can be done DIY, the bulb(s) needs to be replaced annually or every 12 months, there effectiveness reduces with time, while the bulbs are designed to run for 18 months their effectiveness is less after the 12 month period.

Important: Never Look at UV light when on!!! 

To Service follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn off the electricity
  2. Turn of the water and drain the system by opening tap or drain plug on some models
  3. Carefully remove the plastic bulb cap and slide the bulb out a little, holding the end of the bulb remove the electrical plug
  4. Remove the bulb carefully
  5. loosen and carefully remove the two nuts on the ends of the UV can, careful not to loose o-rings
  6. Remove and store o-rings in safe place
  7. Carefully remove the uv tube
  8. Clean the UV Quartz Tube with some water and a gentle cloth replace if any permanent damage
  9. Slide the clean Quartz Tube back into the UV Unit having an equal amount of tube each end excluding the radius end bit (so the o-ring can rest on the solid the not the rounded end.
  10. Slide on o-rings (replace if perished - every 3-4 years)
  11. Gently tighten nuts back on by hand firm but not over tight
  12. Slide in the the new UV Bulb
  13. Reconnect wires
  14. Turn on Water and check for leaks
  15. Replace water plastic cap
  16. Turn on Power again

Complete Models:

Model Watts
Dimensions L/Min Port Size 
FIL-UV12 12W 310x51mm 10 l/min 10mm
FIL-UV16 16W 370x64mm 13 l/min 15mm
FIL-UV25 25W 590x64mm 20 l/min 15mm
FIL-UV30 30W 910x64mm 24 l/min 20mm
FIL-UV55 55W 950x64mm 45 l/min 20mm/25mm
FIL-UV110 110W (2x55W)
950x108mm 90  l/min 25mm



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Cade Uttinger
110w uv system

What a great deal, product looks to be good quality and I had it installed in around an hour. Thanks BWT!