Water Tank Overflow Overflow Kit and optional inlet kit(100mm)

100 mm Overflow Water Connection Vent Kit

Big Water Tanks offers an overflow Connection kit to connect our water tanks with ease and simplicity. 

This guarantees that the tank will not get"sucked in" from a large downpour and overflow creating a siphon effect

Installation into the tank is made with a 127mm Hole Saw, not too high up as the tank only can fill to the height of the man hole access

This can be installed on both the inlet and overflow for best results. Therefor 2 of these units are generally required as the you need to install the overflow of the same or larger size


1 x 100mm DWV Y Junction

1 x 100mm PVC pipe with Mosquito filter installed for vent cowl (100mm long)

1 x 100mm Vent Cowl

1 x 100mm Tank Seal